Get an offer on your home guaranteed! Or list with us for FREE.

Sell Effortlessly

Receive a cash advance

Flexible closing times

Sell your home quickly.  Receive our offer in 24 hours, we buy everywhere

Receive financial relief prior to closing through a small cash advance

We can close within 7 to 30 days. We can move according to your timeline

Sit Back and Relax, Let Us do the Work!




Using the details you provide us about your home, we will schedule a free evaluation appointment

Starting with the latest tax appraisal value, we then review for needed repairs and subtract that amount

Accept our offer, qualify for cash advance (if needed) and close quickly! Or list with us for free using our offer as a backup

Get investment tips for homeowners

Discover ways to build wealth with little to no money.

What Sets Us Apart!

Traditional home sale

Pay 6% in commissions

Close in 30 or more days

Must repair you house to sell

Listing becomes expired when it doesn't sell, no options left

H. T. Investment Group, LLC

Pay zero commissions, we pass the savings to you

We close under 30 days

We buy as-is for our portfolio

We provide you with many options and education to empower you!

The others

Pay zero commission, they pocket the savings

Will promise 7-day closing but often do not

Many will not buy, they will reassign to end buyer

If you don't accept offer or located in distant area, they will move on

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